One Moment,... one Life

The music is a very important part of my life and has advanced to a real passion over the last time. Music is following me through different parts and situations of my whole life. As a keyboard-player in several bands and as a bar-piano player on several events I could get a lot of experience.

Beside the keyboard I found my passion for vocals and singing. It is a special challenge for me to work as a solo-singer or artist in front of an ensemble. This gives you more responsibility presenting yourself in public view. The singing helps me carrying out my personality.

The biggest musical challenge for me is presenting and performing some own written music. Nothing is closer to your personality, than your own music. Personal, private or general situations of daily life, situations we all know are parts and terms of most of my lyrics. It is very exciting and fascinating to get an idea for a new song and see how this song will be worked out and advanced

As many musicians I am also looking up to some idols, who took and still take influence of my whole musical work. Such influences I always try to put inside my own music or performance. Howard Jones is one oft he biggest artist, I am looking up, not only as a keyboard player. He also inspired me as a songwriter. Other Keyboard- or Piano-Player are [Jordan Rudess (Keyboarder DreamTheatre), Greg Philligan, Keith Jarret (Piano), …], those artist are absolute virtuosos for me on their instruments and I like their style of playing and performing.

As a Singer I am especially looking up to one person, Freddy Mercury. The singer of the band Queen is responsible that I started singing and practicing vocals. For me he is the greatest singer oft he genre "rock". Some other singers I am looking up are John Miles, Paul Rogers, Elton John, …

Some song writing-inspirations for me are Brian May (Queen), Duncan Sheik, Howard Jones, Elton John, …
These artists are not influenced only my own songs. Beside my own music songs of these idols also took part of my musical-repertoire. Independently if you play an own song or a cover important is for me to carry our your passion you feel for music to your audience. The music has given my life a special note and a successful musical-performance making people of your audience feeling the same.


Musical History


I am making music since I was 12 years old. I started to learn playing Organ. My uncle was playing on Wedding-Parties with his Band. It was an important entertainment during the 90s. I watched him playing and I was so fascinated and I decided to learn it, too.
With the age of 16 I had lost any motivation for the music and decided to take a break. In the following years there were moment which I go to my organ, which was standing in my room and play a little bit by myself. It was the time, where I didn't make music, but I heart a lot of Live records from well-known and unknown musicians.

I remember it was 2003, when my mother booked some Drum-Lessons at our musicians-school for my brother and my Dad for present. My brother was very interested in Drums before and my Father was playing Drums in a school-band, when he was a teenager. My brother and I got a lot of fun playing together. Our oldest takes are Instrumental- Song on my Organ with the drum-parts from my brother

At that time my neighbour and me were great friends and at the beginning of 2004 he took me to a choir-rehearsal. I wasn't sure if I can sing, so I tried myself the bass-parts in that choir. I realized, that singing makes great fun for me and the choir-members accepted me friendly. So I joined the choir.

I can well remember it was at Christmas time in the year 2004 when my brother bought me a very nice DVD-Collection of the LiveAid concert from 1985. I was born in 1985 and I am a great Fan of the music of that time. There are so many musicians like Phil Collins, Sting, Queen, Eric Clapton, Elton John, etc. I like to hear.

I became more and more interested in music. Every minute I had time, I was singing at home and I also began to play piano a bit. I remember the leader of our choir gave me some piano training to practise playing. But my greatest dream was making music live on stage. I saw so many musicians on my Concert-DVDs at home and I was dreaming of standing in their shoes.

In April 2006, this dream has become true. Our choir was asked to sing on the pre-show of a children-musical from the musician-school. We were practicing "Bridge over troubled water" from Paul Simon for that gig and the person, who chosen singing this solo was unsatisfied with his solo part. Every choir-lesson I was standing in his background, but he did not want to sing this solo. So that was my chance. I was never on stage before and I became nervous, as I went from the last line of the choir to the microphone in front of the choir on stage. I remember asking myself: "What I am doing here?" But from this moment, this was my own Solo-Part for every Gig.

I was motivated to worked out my musician-skills, but it seamed to be too late, because there are so many musicians, who started very early with daily practicing. Later in that year I tired to train and increase my basic knowledge of music by starting an education as a musician in our church. It was a little bit late, when I was through the entrance examination successfully, because the other members had already started with the education but I was on board. I was sure that I would get much practical and theoretical experience of music. We studied playing Church-Organ, Choir-Mastering, Ear training, …
For the choir mastering I needed some vocal-lessons and I met Ulrike Stöve. She was my vocal-coach for a long time and helped me working on my voice and my vocal-skills generally.

In the following half year I found out that church-music was not the right way for me. The other colleagues were better trained and I saw no chance to pass this exam successfully. I decided to go ahead only with the vocal lessons.
In 2007 a colleague from the choir, I was still singing, brought me to Alexander Wolanski a music-teacher, who had his own private musician-school in my hometown. I had some great gigs as a solo singer with him. I also worked on my piano-skills by making some piano-accompaniments in our choir. My main target at this time was getting some routine performing on stage in front of the audience.

In autumn of 2007 my brother a schoolmate and I formed our first band "Soulfood". We covered some well know Rock and Pop songs and performed in front of small audiences. My brother was playing drums, his schoolmate Sarah was singing and I was trying to play the rest of the musical accompaniment on the keyboard.

In summer of 2008 this band played 2 gigs in front of a bigger audience. I took the chance to play some own songs, I wrote in that time. During these gigs I had an own part, where I played some own songs only with my guitar in front of that audience. I was the very first time and experience for me carrying out my own music. Strange feeling, but it seemed that the people like it.
Since the beginning of 2010 I am making music as a Solo-Musician as a Singer, Bar-Piano Player, Background-Music for different Events or as an Entertainer for special Sing-Evening, where people are invited to sing along.